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Learn to surf with us all the year round and enjoy the surfing culture.


We are located in a beautiful natural environment. We have worldwide famous surf-spots such as Mundaka. Learn how to surf in "La Salvaje" ( Barinatxe-La Salvaje) and/or (Ereaga, Arrigunaga), Getxo and Sopela beaches. Very close to Bilbao and its museums such as The Guggenheim, with many leisure activities and great cuisine.

For additional information regarding the area and its cultural, environmental, gastronomical issues, fiestas, etc please check Regarding information about Bilbao and Biscay please check and regarding The Basque Country,




Acero Surf Eskola

Barinatxe beach (La Salvaje)

Getxo - Sopela




Phone: (+34) 637 51 01 29





Sopela, La Salvaje (Barinatxe) - 30 min by direct metro link with Bilbao


Beaches in Getxo (Ereaga and Arrigunaga) - 25 min by direct metro link with Bilbao.


Choice of beach or spot depending on surf forecast.


At La Salvaje beach (Barinatxe) (Make sure you don’t confuse it with the nearby beaches of Larrabasterra or Atxabiribil). Meet at the rotunda at the bottom of the steep ramp that leads down to the beach)


In Algorta, above the beach in Arrigunaga. Go to the following ground-floor address: Calle Errementariena Bajo Derecha (Store for technical equipment). We will notify you beforehand if the surf conditions are suitable for holding the classes in Getxo (Ereaga and Arrigunaga)


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