Acero Surf School

Welcome to our surf school, a family project created from the experience and the heart with Eneko Acero at the front, which seeks to facilitate all types of public learning to surf through a positive and enjoyable experience, with surf lessons tailored to all types of students and levels.

Your surf school in Getxo – Sopela

A family, a passion, a surf school

We are a family from Algorta, Basque Country, of three brothers united by a passion, surfing. Since we were little we have entered the water together and although life has taken us down different paths, we have always been and continue to be linked to the world of surfing. You could say that we carry surfing in our veins, and the waves marked in our DNA.

Years ago we decided to create this project together, a surf school, and thus Kepa, Iker and Eneko with the invaluable help of our aita Goio, formed the Acero Surf Eskola. A project with which somehow give back to the world all the satisfactions that has given us this sport, which for us has always been and will be a way of life.

Kepa, Eneko, and Iker Acero
"to give back to the world all the satisfactions that this sport has given us, which for us has always been, and will always be, a way of life."

Being able to share this passion and the countless experiences we have lived around the world around surfing with our students, is the icing on the cake to a life dedicated to surfing and everything related to it; the trips, the competition, and above all the countless and incredible sessions of perfect waves that will remain forever in our memories.

Between the three of us, we have participated in championships in the 5 continents and we have made “surfaris” all over the world in search of perfect waves. Europe, Cantabrian Sea, and Portugal, Mediterranean (Catalonia, Italy, Lebanon, Corsica…), France, England, Scotland, America, Asia, Africa, Oceania… are some of the destinations where we have surfed.

Teaching surfing with our own method

With this surf school project our goal is that students come to learn to surf through our courses and surf lessons through a positive experience from the first day, discovering from our hand this sport, which for us represents values of fun, joy, healthy living, and communication with nature.

For this we have an active, effective and motivating method of teaching surfing, based on our experience of decades of surfing and competition, making surf lessons in small groups (maximum 6 students per instructor), with our method, qualified teachers with great experience, and a space of ideal conditions for learning to surf as is the term of Uribe Kosta and Barinatxe beach better known as “La Salvaje”, which includes the towns of Getxo and Sopelana, located just 20 km. from Bilbao.

View of Uribe Kosta with the beaches of Azkorri, La Salvaje, and Sopelana.

Technical director

Eneko Acero

  • Title of surf coach (EHSF)
  • European Pro Circuit Champion (1999, 2001)
  • 19 victories in the European Pro Circuit
  • Team Champion with Natxo Gonzalez- of the CARABAO SILVER DRAGON (China, 2017)


Kepa Acero

Iker Acero

  • Surf Coach Title (EHSF)
  • Ballantine’s State Circuit Champion
  • Qualified in IVEF
  • Technical Director of the Basque Surfing Federation for 2 years.

Kosme Fernández

  • Surf coach title (FCS)
  • Spanish Junior Champion (2009,2010)
  • 6 in Punta Galea Challenge 2018

Alvaro Villazón

  • surf coach title (EHSF)
Eneko Acero, Photo Pellon Cano