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About us 

We are a family that has been surfing for over 25 years; we live this sport with absolute commitment and passion, and now we would like to dedicate all our efforts and enthusiasm to teaching everything we know to the next generations.

We know all the spots in the Basque Country and the Cantabrian Sea, we have surfed the world's most famous waves in the 5 continents and we have enjoyed surfing unspoilt waves

Our mission is to teach our students to surf by having fun from the very first day and enjoying this wonderful sport just as much as we do.

That our students have the possibility of improving and trying the best waves in The Basque Country, in Spain, and if it would be the case in Europe and the 5 continents. That our students are well prepared for competing, if they wish




Eneko Acero






Getxo (Algorta)

Born: 22/04/77

Qualification: Surfing trainer (Basque Surfing Federation - EHSF)


  • European Pro Circuit Champion 1999 2001

  • Junior World Champion 1996

  • 6 wins on the WQS world circuit

  • 19 wins on the European professional circuit

  • Champion teaming up with Natxo González of the CARABAO SILVER DRAGON of China 2017

  • 2nd in the Winter of Laredo 2022

Kosme Fernández


Sopela ( Biscay)

Date of birth (07-10-1992)

Member of the famous Fernandez family. Professional elite competitor during some years, has knowledge in all kinds of waves, great knowledge in all aspects of surf.

Amongst his results: champion in Spain Junior in 2009 and 2010.

6th in Punta Galea Challenge 2017-2018.

Kepa Acero

  • Surf trainer title (EHSF)

  • Europe sub 18  champion

  • During many years in the TOP 10 of the European Professional Tour     

  • Two years of sport teaching degree.

  • Marketing degree

  • Currently worldwide famous free surfer with an incredible number of followers in the media


Iker Acero 


  • Surf trainer title (EHSF)

  • Twice Champion in the State Ballantine's de Surf Tour 

  • Degree in Physical Education 

  • Technical director in the Basque Surf Federation for two years.

  • Specialized in different sports training areas in courses with prestige 

Technical director 


Foto: Juan Fernandez

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